Wednesday, September 4, 2013

World's Finest # 131, February, 1963

With this ish, DC revives yet another Golden Age hero, The Crimson Avenger, but Schiff not being Schwartz, it's only as a one-off gag character. A fun story, though, with yet more distorted superheroes. 

Toy soldiers were big in them days--soldiers from any and all eras!

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  1. I enjoyed the reference to "a former lawman--The Crimson Avenger". DC comics, in those days, rarely (if ever) referred to previous stories or characters.

    Plus, I LOVED the Octopus' extremely unwieldy & impractical costume. FUN.

    Also, the Aquaman story, "The Man Who Controlled Water",
    seems to presage Mera & her "hard water" powers.