Friday, September 27, 2013

World's Finest # 154, December, 1965

One of the most controversial points in the entire WORLD'S FINEST run is Bob Haney's "continuity-be-damned" Super Sons series, the roots of which are planted in this Imaginary tale by Edmond Hamilton. This and its sequel were always favorites of mine. A bit unusual that they would have two Imaginary stories in a  row.

The "Best" GA story of all time? Probably not, but this ADVENTURE COMICS reprint is a good one. Odd, though, that we return yet again to Green Arrow when we're supposedly trying to establish the whole Editor's Round Table. Odd, also that we never seem to reveal who these editors re that make the choices! Why do I suspect it was Weisinger himself, randomly grabbing stories from a file cabinet.?

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  1. Thanks! Always liked the Super Sons stories! Better IMO to be able to do Imaginary Stories than to create a kid who's going to be killed off in the 'real' universe.