Thursday, September 5, 2013

World's Finest # 132, March, 1963

Judging by the name on Page 1, today's copy once belonged to someone named Kenneth whom I hope enjoyed it very much. It's a good one. 

It is now January of 1963 and I was just turning four years old. I was probably getting some Harvey comics by this point and I knew Superman from TV but I was still two years away from my real start collecting comics.

This time it's Superman who is contacted by time travel hobbyist, Professor Nichols when Batman and robin go back to medieval days. Only the Man of Steel find out that it isn't really them. Meanwhile the real Dynamic Duo, left for dead, escape (naturally) and follow, attempting to save Superman!

This fondly remembered title was never a hit but was revived for another try in the seventies.

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  1. In 1963, my Cub Scout pack took a train ride from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Claremore, about an hour's ride. Before the trip, I bought this comic at the depot. I found it so fascinating that I remember little about the trip besides the comic. I learned the word "Renaissance". I took my first time trip. Quite a memorable ride!