Thursday, September 26, 2013

World's Finest # 153, November, 1965

I believe this is the first flat-out "Imaginary Story" to appear here in WF. The conceit of the concept is that the creators of the story are literally unbound from any and all continuity, even the most basic! Just for the sake of a good story, we here see Batman as Superman's arch-foe.

Note that the page below where Robin is briefly introduced only to be removed from the storyline, is also the original appearance of the nigh-ubiquitous slapping meme!

The TWILIGHT ZONE had been off the air for about a  year. Apparently no one at DC had noticed.

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  1. And Bats died without revealing the horrible thing he did to Robin.

    Sure, Robin would still have become an orphan, but at least
    he could have inherited a sizable chunk of the Wayne fortune.

    Now, he'll only be a very, very poor orphan, whose parents had
    once been circus performers. No fortune there!! lol