Sunday, August 11, 2013

World's Finest # 107, February, 1960

As this issue hit the stands, I was nearing my first birthday, 

Basically, you've got this energy creature that Superman can't stop.   

But that's okay because Batman and Robin stumble onto the fact that these aliens had planted a device on Earth in the distant past specifically to stop it! Only that device is missing!

 So the Dynamic Duo return to Professor Nichols, this time in costume, to have him regress them in his incomprehensible time thingy. 

Superman keeps the creature busy but when his friends don't return, he has to go back in time after them.

Finally they all the heroes are back in the present--WITH the device to combat the they kill it. That's right. Batman states flat out, "The creature is dead." Yeesh. Code or no code, don't mess with THESE dudes, y'know?

Boring? Speedy thinks that vicious looking thong is boring? No wonder he later turned to drugs.

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