Thursday, August 29, 2013

World's Finest # 125, May, 1962

A cool image of Superman from the artist who would draw him for years later on in JLA, Dick Dillin.

Mooney's back already. This time the story has Batman and Robin held hostage to force Superman to do the villain's bidding. But they escape and Superman captures the bad guy. Nothing special, really. What's special about this issue comes below.

Another brilliant and latterly nostalgic ad!

Rumor is that the Batman titles were nearly canceled in the sixties prior to the "New Look" coming in. With every issue lately presenting these ads I'm surprised.

But here's the big news! Remember when I said Aquaman was finally getting some respect with his JLA appearances, his SHOWCASE successes and now his own book? Well, here he is with new short stories as well, reuniting with GREEN ARROW, with whom he appeared previously in both MORE FUN and ADVENTURE!

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  1. Thanks goodness that Bat-Baby story is surely NOT the Story Of The Year as they think they claimed to be!!!