Monday, August 26, 2013

World's Finest # 122, December, 1961

More aliens. It was that kind of an era. This time, Batman and Robin attempt to use kryptonite (or, as the cover misstates, "krypton") to capture Superman for aliens who believe him to be guilty of horrible crimes. For no apparent reason other than it's green, we get a giant Green Arrow statue. Eventually, the real culprit is shown to have been an alien disguised as Superman.

After months of promoting the ten cent price, here we see a SUPERBOY ad touting a "super-BUY" but with it's price point whited out! Note that the actual cover (below) like this issue of WORLD'S FINEST itself, is now twelve cents.

Wonder how come we never saw that giant Green Arrow statue in any actual Green Arrow stories. 

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