Wednesday, August 14, 2013

World's Finest # 110, June, 1960

Another well-remembered story, this one featuring a monster who uses a unique way to both menace Robin and use him as  a hostage at the same time.

The Silver Age has officially arrived as we now have the early JLA stories in THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD. Curious as to why WF's Green Arrow was originally left out since he and Aquaman were the only heroes besides the World's Finest team and Wonder Woman to play straight through from the Golden Age. Was it the fact that he had a sidekick? Maybe the fact that he was Green and Green Lantern was already in the group?

The Challengers of the Unknown were being done by this point by Bob Brown who once drew TOMAHAWK here in WF but the Challs were created by Jack Kirby just a couple years earlier. By this point, Kirby had had a messy lawsuit with WF editor Jack Schiff over the newspaper strip SKY MASTERS which led to Jack's returning to work for Stan Lee. Soon enough, Jack would use the Challs as a template for The Fantastic Four.

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