Thursday, August 22, 2013

World's Finest # 118, June, 1961

Something a little new--a Kurt Schaffenberger cover. A rather dorky looking monster, though. Interiors are once again by Sprang and Moldoff but Supes looks a little odd. Half the time he seems to have his eyes closed! 

Basically this single-colored rainbow thingy from space switches Superman for an alien. The alien wreaks havoc on Earth in spite of Batman and Robin's best efforts but Superman is trying to figure a way to get back to Earth and fight the monster.

Clyde Beatty and Emmett Kelly! Together for the first time!

The return, as you can see, of Mis Arrowette. Was she ever revived in the more serious years?


  1. Arrowette was sort-of revived in the 90s. I want to say she first appeared in Impulse, but I don't remember her having much to do with Green Arrow or Arsenal, which seems odd. But she was part of the not-really-Teen Titans-but-later-Teen Titans team Young Justice, which was a cute series until Peter David started using it as a platform to work out his feelings about his divorce.

  2. "The return, as you can see, of Miss Arrowette. Was she ever revived in the more serious years?"

    Yes! The full story's on Wikipedia, but basically THIS Arrowette, retired with carpal tunnel syndrome, pushed her daughter into becoming the Arrowette who joined Young Justice. The character Artemis in the YJ cartoon was based on the second Arrowette.