Saturday, October 5, 2013

World's Finest # 162, November, 1966

I know, I know. Yesterday's issue was also dated November of '66. Let's just say they treated the 80 Page Giants differently for some reason and move on, shall we? It'll save a lot of time.

This one's a fun one in which King Arthur's knights have super powers of their own. When my son was little in the late 90's, he loved having me read this one to him! 

That first letter is from one Joseph Lenius with whom, coincidentally enough, I was speaking just yesterday on my Gray Morrow Facebook page! Note also the nigh-ubiquitous Irene Vartanoff whose husband is a FB friend of mine in 2013!

I really loved the Direct Currents sections. They were like the TV GUIDE of DC.

More Tommy. Hey, I like him but seriously, he was never THAT good. I continue to think they randomly grabbed whatever they could that fit the requisite amount of pages…or would if you sliced out a panel or two.

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