Friday, October 11, 2013

World's Finest # 168, August, 1967

Although perfectly well-drawn, for some reason I've never cared for this cover. The background color maybe? The inside is another story. Cary Bates strikes again and revives the Composite Superman. He even brings in a cameo by the Adult Legion of Super Heroes who had then just appeared in a popular but later controversial 2 part ADVENTURE COMICS story.


I alwys thought that was the creepiest looking monster on that B&B cover!

This was my first exposure to the Golden Age Robotman but not a very typical one. Why they chose a Joe Certa story over the infinitely more creative ones from Jimmy Thompson I'll never understand.

Truly a classic period for DC titles but the shark-jumping was coming soon.

Probably Fred Hembeck's favorite comic book issue of all time. (Hi, Fred!)

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