Saturday, October 19, 2013

World's Finest # 176, June,1968

This was the big one. A stylish cover, more Adams art with his outlandish new layouts, a good story, a twist ending…but all for naught as it goes downhill from here. Interesting to note that, classic or not, Neal wasn't thrilled with his art here and redrew or heavily retouched much of it for a later reprint.

DC was trying lots of new things during this period, all fondly remembered but few successful in the long run.

More John Jones.


  1. This was a early Dick Giordano ink job over Neal. But Neal retouched a lot of his old Brave and the Bold stories for the DC Showcase reprints. His newer inks stood out like a neon sign. Didn't fit.

  2. GCD says this is actually Neal inking himself. Since Dick was just moving in at DC in his editorial capacity at the time, I tend to agree. But your point is the same. Neal's later "corrected" versions just look wrong.