Thursday, October 17, 2013

World's Finest # 174, March, 1968

This particular cover is notable, I believe, as the first instance where Neal Adams drew Batman. I remember it being very jarring at the time after so many Swan/Klein classic covers.

The interior art is even more jarring by Golden Age Captain Marvel artist Pete Costanza inked by Jack Abel. It's another Cary Bates story but not a good one.

Another good back-up at least.

Loved this ad for the "new" Superman but other than boring new art for a while, this one didn't quite take. It would be a couple more years before Julie Schwartz taking over from Mort would lead to any real change.


  1. Actually, not the first Neal Batman (though close)--the first time we ever saw Neal draw Batman was on the cover of Brave and Bold #75, followed a week later by his inks over Infantino on the cover of Detective 370. B&B 76 precedes this WF, as well. But you're dead on about the lackluster nature of the art within...urgh.

  2. I just read it (bought it at RubleCon in Springfield MO a few weeks ago) & think it's a hilarious one-thing-after-another story with a frustratingly disappointing ending. The GL back-up's OK. I love old DC comics for their absurdity. I'm not a fan of current comics that take themselves so seriously. Not really into the wave of superhero movies and TV shows. They're never as over-the-top goofy as the comics I like.