Wednesday, October 30, 2013

World's Finest # 187, September, 1969

A Swan/Anderson cover! That dream team wows about to become increasingly important in the life of Superman. 

Continued from last issue, Batman, accused as a witch in the past by Superman, manages to turn the tables and get folks thinking Superman to be the witch. He also runs into his ancestor, "Mad" Anthony Wayne, who inadvertently got them mixed up in this in the first place. And Wayne has a young "sidekick" named "Robby." 

Three cool kits advertised below but none proved as popular as expected. CHITTY was probably the biggest disappointment, although the movie was--at age 10--my first date.

I was still amazed that Kirby had ever drawn Green Arrow and Speedy and now more so that he had down an origin! I had never known GA's origin! According to the letters page, this was run just after Neal's major makeover on the character had first appeared.

Don't laugh. SUGAR & SPIKE is one of the most fondly remembered titles by Silver Age DC fans. In fact, it holds up better than LOIS LANE today! The Giant advertised below remains one of my favorite sixties comics.

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  1. I collected a few of these WF's for the awesome Adams covers around this time, but was genuinely surprised when I first saw the Andru/Esposito team doing interiors.., I never knew 'em outside Marvel and Andru doing Amazing Spiderman. Very odd.