Wednesday, October 16, 2013

World's Finest # 173, February, 1968

1968 was a change for so many things. A year of growth but also a year of change and loss. After this issue we no longer had Swan and Klein nearly every month. But even this issue is different. The art is larger, the layouts a tad odd. The story, another by Shooter (offering a cameo by his creation, The Parasite) features our heroes becoming their most-feared enemies--Two-Face and Kralik. This was, I believe, Two-Face's first Silver Age appearance outside of reprints. But Kralik? WTF??? 

And the ending with the NON-Composite Superman being left knowing all their secrets seems stupid and a cop-out, insanity defense or not. They didn't even try to cure the guy? They were good at that sort of thing, remember? Yeesh!

And we get a classic Wayne Boring SUPERMAN tale for a change rather than some generic filler.

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  1. Regarding the art being larger, with odd layouts, could this be the issue where DC switched from "twice-up" original art to the now standard 10x15, 1.5-times up?