Monday, July 1, 2013

World's Finest # 68, January/February, 1954

Seriously can you possibly envision a cover more frivolous than this one coming immediately after the previous issue's deadly serious one? Wow. Still great character work from Winslow Mortimer.

Nick Cardy art on TOMAHAWK this time out.

Two-Gun Percy was a character who floated around in various DC comics including ALL-FUNNY from the early forties. Here the art is by the sadly forgotten Jimmy Thompson who seems to be trying his best to channel Harvey Kurtzman!

We're nearly out of leftover DANGER TRAIL spy stories. Howard Sherman's first work in WF since The Wyoming Kid rode off into the sunset.

What a messy splash on BATMAN!


  1. "Menace from the Stars" was an adaptation of the classic Adventures of Superman episode "Panic in the Sky". Or was it the other way around? DC isn't sure, according to the Superman in the Fifties anthology.

  2. I see some Jack Cole influences in the Percy story. Might be my imaginin's tho'!