Wednesday, July 10, 2013

World's Finest # 75, March/April, 1955

A great cover in spite of the fact it has such a badly drawn bat-signal. And of course the bat signal was on the previous issue's cover as well. Odd to see it two months in a row.

As our story begins, Superman and Robin are a team, working in Gotham City. In flashback, we see that Batman was wounded fighting some crooks and Superman has set his leg and volunteered to fill in for him until he recovers sufficiently. 

Still, active or not, it's an oddly still costumed Caped Crusader who comes up with the clues as needed.

And then the big reveal! It wasn't a broken leg at all but a missing bat symbol! Sorry. A poison that would kill him if he was active. Knowing how stubborn Bats is, Clark makes sure he can't be active at all. 

And thus endedth the Superman/Robin partnership...for now anyway.

Win Mortimer sure got a lot of work from DC in those days, especially when it came to PSAs.

One problem Green Arrow had in ADVENTURE was that on occasion his green cap would be colored it is here. More troubling throughout this story is that Speedy has forgotten his pants!


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  1. That Superman image on the puzzle page was a riot. Who the hell marred Wayne Boring's classic image with a putrid S logo? That looks like something you'd see on a bootleg action figure down at the flea market or a shady dollar store.