Sunday, July 21, 2013

World's Finest # 86, January/February-1957

A rather dull cover for a rather inconsequential issue. In our lead story, our heroes agree to perform in a  charity exhibit re-creating many of their greatest feats and then purposely flub their exhibitions after Superman's super-hearing overhears unscrupulous filmmakers attempting to make a buck off the whole deal. So logically, he and Batman endanger themselves and the public rather than simply confronting these guys up front! Right.

Cool Dick Sprang dragon, though!

Some nice Bob Brown art on TOMAHAWK. Never a major player, Brown would have long runs on CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN, SUPERBOY and Marvel's DAREDEVIL.

Man goes through hats like nobody's business.

It wasn't all movie stars. Sometimes fifties kids wanted sports stars in their wallets as well!

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