Thursday, July 4, 2013

World's Finest # 70, May/June, 1954

Well, we made it. This is the final fifteen cent issue. The whole game changes with the following issue. One last silly/cute cover from good old dependable Win Mortimer. The insides are rather dull, though, except for a gorgeous JIMMINY story by Howie Post left over from MORE FUN COMICS of a few issues earlier.

Not sure what this one was from. One last DANGER TRAIL holdover maybe? Bill Ely art.

To see the whole wonderful JIMMINY tale, go to our sister blog here:

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  1. I think "Racketeer's Revenge" may have been intended for "Gang Busters" - it's similar to the "Perfect Crime Mysteries" that were backups in that book. (Ger ran a few of those in his Fab Fifties blog.)