Monday, July 29, 2013

World's Finest # 94, May/June, 1958

Here we have a classic cover and a classic story, already retconning the origin of the World's Finest team and at the same time introducing the cool-looking Powerman. This story has been reprinted endlessly but seemed appropriate to post here in its entirety as well. 

Various companies tried Charlie Chan comics including some reprinting the Alfred Andriola newspaper strip and one series by jack Kirby and Carmine infantino! This one at DC was largely to tie-in with the then-new TV version as played by actor J. Carrol Naish. In the forties, Naish had been the villain in the original BATMAN movie serial!

GCD says this two pager is by Carmine Infantino from a seven year old issue of DETECTIVE COMICS.

More Green Arrow sci-fi (with green hat)!

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