Thursday, July 11, 2013

World's Finest # 76, May/June, 1955

In spite of the fact that the new Comics Code symbol was more prominent on these early covers to reassure concerned parents, Win Mortimer was turning out some of his best designed and executed covers yet during this period. This one's a real beauty.

This story is a tad silly, especially the ending. It's similar to previous issues in that Superman is operating in Gotham and there's even an \S/Symbol.

Batman, naturally, can be found--with Robin--in Metropolis.

In flashback (again) it's explained that the heroes are having a friendly competition to decided which city gets a major convention.

Yeah, Lois. Right. This turns up all the time in Superman stories.

Here we see that Batman has to keep Superman out of Metropolis during the convention because some sack-job Professor has powered his experimental generator with kryptonite.

Luckily, Batman wins! Whew!

But the stupid generator experiment collapses anyway so it's all moot. Superman decides to fly the convention hall between cities to split the time for bot Gotham and Metropolis! Doesn't say what he does about he plumbing or the structural damage he's obviously causing by doing so. And that throwaway final panel is just pointless.

In spite of what it says, the Fearless Fosdick Wildroot ads were most likely by Al Capp assistants but they were always a fun and welcome site in comics. 

Speedy's found his trousers but GA still has that ol' red hat.

Pushing the Code!


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