Friday, May 3, 2013

World's Finest # 10, Summer, 1943

Although not one of the classic covers, this issue's is made up of images from various stories and presents, for the first time, a handful of the characters who inhabit the book other than Superman and Batman.

Never a favorite of mine, the goofy, Stylized look of THE STAR-SPANGLED KID grows on one after a while. Here's a whole story full of it. What do you think?

Another great S&K splash. The Boy Commandos would continue long after its creators left with artists such as Curt Swan and Gil Kane doing their best Kirby imitations!

This Jack Farr character appeared in several DC mags of the day. I never liked what was presumably the artist's own lettering but I do like his illustrations.



  1. Thank you for putting in a SSK story! I've never seen one of his own before. I've only gotten to see re-prints of him in Seven Solider stories or new stuff (from 70s) using him. He's always been my favorite patriotically clad hero. I've always wanted to see one of his stories. Although I must say I'm not impressed by the art.

    BTW notice the "insect Master" the splash of the Superman story. who does his costume look like? Even the best, like Legion anti-gravity belt. Except for the helmet he looks like Brainiac 5. I wonder if that isn't where they got that look.

    I see Sunboy's costume in Atoman's. I see the original Legionaries in Ace comics "Lash Lightning and Magno with Lightning girl." What do you think? We know they borrowed form the past.

    thanks again for the great blog.

  2. Do you know who the Superman artist was on this issue? It looks quite different from the other Superman artists of the era.
    Fr. Dan

  3. Ed Dobrotka was the SUPERMAN artist here. You can see a complete story by him here: