Wednesday, May 8, 2013

World's Finest # 15, Fall, 1944

Baseball was arguably more popular than ever in the 1940s and pushed the wartime info inside this time. SUPERMAN and BOY COMMANDOS both end with a one off, "Do your part" panel. In spite of the continuing understandable fixation with all things military, we've lost DRAFTY. 

Jon Small, also the artist on STAR-SPANGLEC KID this issue, is speculated to be the illustrator of this month's SUPERMAN tale as "Joe Shuster."

Here we have a two page shoe ad that is itself as entertaining as some whole stories!

One Maurice del Burgo is now the artist of record for THE GREEN ARROW.

Sure looks like Kirby art to me but GCD points to the prolific Louis Cazaneuve. With Kirby and also Simon in for their hitch, this series continued at a high level of both quality and popularity. Good stuff!  

Here's the new kid on the block, credited to future editor Jack Schiff and one John Daly. Not a bad splash but don't get used to him.

More pure Robinson as he becomes quickly more and more stylized and recognizable. How anyone ever could have taken his work for Kane's I don't know. 

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  1. I seen the Captain Tootsie ad before, but, the Tootsie VM thing is new to me! Wondering what it's really taste like?

    But, the real winner in this issue is George Roussos' Marathon shoe ad!!!