Saturday, May 25, 2013

World's Finest # 32, January/February, 1948

It may look like business as usual from this silly cover but there are a few changes this issue. The first thing one notices is that Win Mortimer now takes over as cover artist. The next is that the inside cover is no longer a contents page but now a paid ad. The indicia, once at the bottom of that page, moves to the bottom of the first page. Eventually all comics would have it there but it was still a rarity here.

The next thing a regular reader would have noticed is that it's BATMAN, not SUPERMAN, who's up first this issue. Not sure why the change but that particular switch switches back next ish.


  1. I was sorry to see the Green Arrow logo
    move into a separate panel from the splash.
    Somehow, that always makes a story look
    that much more like a "filler", which of
    course, it was. lol

    P.S. - Was that Boy Commandos story from
    the period when (the very young) Curt Swan
    was doing his excellent Simon & Kirby

  2. The BOY COMMANDOS splash certainly does look like Kirby and I've read that he did some splashes while in the Army but others did the rest of he story. That said, and having hd some obvious Swan ones in recent issues, GCD credits this--with question marks-- to Joe Simon with inks by Steve Brodie. I question that only because Joe rarely worked without Simon in this period and this one sure looks more like Jack than Joe to me. Bottom line: Not Swan but....???

  3. Oh, and I should add that being late 1947, Jack was back from the army by this point.

  4. Thanks for the info, Steve. It can get confusing (at least to me!! lol).

  5. Did anyone ever do a list of radio comics?