Tuesday, May 21, 2013

World's Finest # 28, May/June, 1947

Those scamps! Another fun Jack Burnley cover with Charles paris inking. A very impressive Superman splash as well, credited on GCD to Ira Yarbrough.

"Batman and Robin in Bucksin" was how Tomahawk and dan Hunter were billed early on. Over time, though, they outlasted the superhero craze and, in fact, ran more than 2 decades in several different mags including a long-running self-titled comic and, later, WORLD'S FINEST!

Gotta be Swan again on BC because Rip Carter is starting to look like Superman!

Here's a BATMAN story that has some of the trademarks of Dick Sprang but GCD gives it the unlikely credit of Bob Kane (pencils) and Ray Burnley (inks). Could be, I suppose?

JIMMINY AND THE MAGIC BOOK is one of my all-time favorite DC series. It finished out the long-running MORE FUN COMICS but a stray story would end up here in WF in a few years' time. If you can't wait, here it is now as posted at our FOUR COLOR SHADOWS blog 2 1/2 years back!


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  1. BTW, the wrong-way run the Thom McAn ad referring to is of Cal's Roy Riegels' run at the 1929 Rose Bowl against Georgia Tech. The whole story can be referred here: