Wednesday, May 15, 2013

World's Finest # 22-May/June-1946

The cover? Even heroes have heroes!

Here's the last two panels of this ish's SUPERMAN tale, complete with a bottom message reminding readers that the Man of Might also appears regularly in SUPERMAN comics and...DETECTIVE????

More Curt Swan on Brooklyn and the boys.

Jack Farr is back with Super Sleuth McFooey so let's take a few minutes to enjoy all of it, shall we?

The ad below seems to be an early response to the slowly stewing anti-comics sentiments that were starting up amongst various groups and staring to get publicity.

Going against the traditional concept that everyone was supposed to believe that Bob Kane was the sole artist on BATMAN, Win Mortimer tipped his hat to those who knew how to loom by sneakily placing his first and last name in two consecutive panels!

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