Wednesday, May 1, 2013

World's Finest # 8, Winter, 1942

This issue, also reprinted in black and white by Dynapubs in the early seventies, was the first Golden Age issue of WF that I ever saw. The propaganda was going fast and furious on this and many other comic book covers by this point, a year into America's involvement in WWII. Once again, Fred Ray gets cover credit.

Perhaps due to the general pro-Army feelings that were everywhere, DRAFTY moves up to the second spot for a change.

We trade Simon and Kirby's Sandman for Simon and Kirby's BOY COMMANDOS, already a hit in DETECTIVE and, as per this issue's back cover, getting their own book as well!

Another clever Green Arrow and Speedy splash.

Sheldon Moldoff's trademark photo reference panels highlight this patriotic history piece but more interesting is the fact that it's credited to M.C. Gaines, himself! One of the founders of the comic book, the big shot at All-American and the future founder of EC Comics (and father of Bill Gaines!).

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