Monday, May 27, 2013

World's Finest # 34, May/June, 1948

 More frivolity up front but a rather serious BATMAN story for a change at the end of this issue. The Superman story is fun, though, with rather obvious art by Al Plastino who would become a longtime SUPERMAN artist as well as drawing the BATMAN newspaper strip in the early seventies. While Plastino receives no credit here, you'll note that with this issue we also lose the Siegel and Shuster credit. This was, of course, due to Jerry's perfectly understandable attempt to legally get a little more out of his baby which had become DC's cash cow.

Clark gets philosophical.

Wow. After one issue, the TOMAHAWK strip gets moved up to second position.

Back to Swan on BOY COMMANDOS.

The GA stories were starting to get more and more outlandish as would BATMAN later on. Here's a whole one with some lovely George Papp art. Papp was never a showy artist but he offers some impressive page layouts here and, as always, some unique faces.

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  1. Another fine WF post!

    I agree; marvelous George Papp art on Green Arrow.

    This early sampling of Al Plastino's work on Superman is a minor revelation. He's doing a credible imitation of Wayne Boring's style.