Friday, May 24, 2013

World's Finest # 31, November/December, 1947

Another colorful, clever but inconsequential cover.

  I thought Zatara looked like Skip Williamson's Snappy Sammy Smoot at the top of page 3 and for that reason you get to see the whole ZATARA story today!

The ad below, along with the GANGBUSTERS ad later in the issue, highlight the post-war trend of radio-based comic books. Radio was at its most sophisticated, just before the enormous boom in television, but that boom would ensure that the radio comics wouldn't last without a popular TV tie-in as well.

Outside of Disney, which was sewed up at Dell, the Funny Animal comics trend led to a lot of repetitive drek but DC would hang on with The Fox and the Crow for another two decades at least!

That's a pretty impressive advisory board and DC certainly wasn't a main offender in the just then beginning war on comics but they would suffer as well. WORLD'S FINEST, though, like ADVENTURE, would manage to continue on pretty much untouched. 

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