Monday, January 6, 2014

Wolfd's Finest # 255, March, 1979

We're up to 1979--40 years of WORLD'S FINEST! Less than 6 more years to go, though. Just a couple more months and this blog will be through. Oh, we may give a cursory look at the various versions of "WORLD'S FINEST" that resurfaced but the bottom line is the classic version will be completely covered. 

Truly enjoyable art from Garcia Lopez, definitely one of the definitive Superman artists. 

A brief but good run but we lose the Creeper after this ish.

A complicated SHAZAM! story that also includes Fawcett's Bulletman and Bulletgirl.

Wow! Murphy Anderson's Hawkman and Hawgirl! To a big Silver Age fan like me, this made the following issue really something to look forward to reading!

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  1. I was buying WF sporadically at this time (eventually subscribing in a few months), but seems like the Green Arrow stories in this issue and last were a sequel of sorts to the "What Can One Man Do?" story in Green Lantern/Green Arrow #87 from a few years earlier, with Elliot S! Maggin revisiting that concept. Don't remember how it was resolved though. Maybe you can jog my memory....