Monday, January 27, 2014

World's Finest # 276, February, 1982

George Perez was particularly hot at this stage so it was cool to see this nifty Silver Age-like cover from him here on WF, even if he isn't represented inside.

Mike Barr would become one of my favorite comics writers for much of the decade.

More Barr!

Writer Paul Kupperberg would win perhaps his greatest fame as the writer of the award-winning "Married Archie" series in LIFE WITH ARCHIE a full three decades later! 

Infantino! Cool! Although many feel he never quite seemed as good when he picked up his pencils again, it was still always a joy to find Carmine doing a story and this Hawkman one had some particularly good art. 

According to GCD, the DC Profile below is a hoax. Here's Bob Rozakis in 2009 explaining the legend of Ted P. Skimmer-

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  1. And I see the infamous letterhack "T.M.Maple" (Jim Burke) was making his presence known.