Saturday, January 4, 2014

World's Finest # 253, November, 1978

The fun never steps as this time out we het the SHAZAM feature replacing WONDER WOMAN! And a nifty wraparound Aparo cover to boot!

This i probably the best of the SHAZAM! stories from here on out but the decision to go for the more realistic art has always baffled me. Well, I mean, clearly it must have been sales-related--a last ditch attempt at bringing up the faltering sales on the regular SHAZAM! comic. That's where this story continues from by the way, obviously having been intended to have been in that now-cancelled title. Captain Marvel fan Bridwell writes and original MARVEL FAMILY artist Kurt Schaffenberger inks while the art chores are left to Don Newton. Newton, the former fan artist, was most likely the biggest Captain Marvel fan of them all and had drawn the characters endlessly in fan publications. He would have been great doing CC Beck but DC had him doing Mac Raboy. That and the cartoony inking led to an odd mix that didn't quite work. The darker stories didn't help.

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