Sunday, January 19, 2014

World's Finest # 268, May, 1981

The unexpected return of Dr Zodiac from one of my favorite Silver Age issues.

Romeo Tanghal and Bob Smith get the art credits here but from time to time--particularly on pages 2 and 3--it all looks amazingly like Jim Aparo's work.

The Green Arrow story is written by a writer named WALT Simons who went by his nickname "Bud" rather than get confused with artist Walt Simonson. Bud did a little work for Marvel a few years later.


  1. Thanks a billion for posting the entire lead story on this one, Steven! If my eyes don't deceive me, although credited to Romeo Tanghal, the story is at least laid out by my favorite comics artist, Jim Aapro, making this one of the few of the jobs he ghosted that I didn't know about!

  2. I noted above that it sure looked like Aparo's work in places. And I mean exactly! Couldn't find any verification on it anywhere though.