Wednesday, January 22, 2014

World's Finest # 271, September, 1981

Okay, now this issue is great fun! To celebrate the 200th issue since their first meeting teaming, Roy Thomas, the man who invented the continuity implant, is given free reign to try to make some sense of the various first meetings of Superman and Batman. Crediting Bridwell and Harris with assists, he does a great job, combining the various "official" versions along with some Superboy stuff and even a bit from the SUPERMAN radio series which is where Batman and Superman really DID first meet. Some good art from Rich and Frank McLaughlin adds to the fun and the Earth 2 connection at the end puts icing on the cake! The World's Finest team gets the whole book this time (which is still a buck but down considerably in pages from its peak as a dollar book).

I met Jose Delbo many years later and I have rarely seen a comics creator so happy to meet and talk with fans!


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