Tuesday, January 21, 2014

World's Finest # 270, August, 1981

A pretty fair issue highlighted by the fact that Trevor Von Eeden's personal style is very much exerting itself in the Green Arrow story which is quite modern and lovely now that Bob Smith has replaced Vinnie.

It's so pretty, here's the entire GA story from this ish.

So much for Hawgirl's billing.

A clever splash here.


  1. Steve,

    I discovered the Days of Adventure blog late in its run, went back and read every post, and have since been a daily devotee of the World's Finest Blog from its inception. As we wind toward the end of WFC, I wonder, have you given any thought to what series you'll do next? Action of Detective, I presume, but maybe you have a surprise in store for us?

  2. Thanks! And yes I have given some thought. I don't really care for ACTION or DETECTIVE as much. ADVENTURE and WF were always favorites with me. I'd love to do MORE FUN but after a while it just gets into random humor stuff for the rest if its run. SUGAR & SPIKE maybe? BLACKHAWK? Perhaps something from Timely. Or maybe I'll let it rest for a while. Haven't decide yet. Thanks for asking!