Thursday, January 23, 2014

World's Finest # 272, October, 1981

I failed to note a couple issue back that we're now monthly again! 

Not  abad story here but rather  letdown in bot story and art from last month.

Brett Breeding takes over as the new inker but Trevor's style continues to shine through.

Saviuk's art even today doesn't get enough respect. He's a very solid artist with a very traditional style. Good stuff!

Breeding here, too, probably because Giella was bumped up to the lead feature.

By this point, Newton, profiled on the inside back cover, was doing his own thing on SHAZAM and the feature had taken on a  unique life of its own. Far from its classic incarnation but in good hands. Sadly, Don would only live a couple more years.

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  1. I remember being disappointed initially when Saviuk took over art chores on Green Lantern/Green Arrow, but then I really came to enjoy his work. He really stood out on these Hawkman stories.

    I really enjoyed these Dollar Comics back in the day, even as they were gradually downsized. There were some really good stories here.