Tuesday, January 14, 2014

World's Finest # 263, July, 1980

With this issue, our long national nightmare was over at last! No doubt Bob Haney wasn't happy as Denny, along with the Buckler and Giordano team (still mimicking Adams) finished out the Saga of the Super-Sons once and for all...and they didit in a way that's more creative than any single one of the Sons' actual outings.   


  1. And the top right hand corner of the Green Arrow splash page provides a glimpse of the VonEeden style we'd come to love.

  2. I have to respectfully disagree with you regarding the Super Sons stories. That was one of my favorite series when i was a kid, and I absolutely HATED the way O'Neill (one of my favortie writers, by the way) ended it.

  3. Regarding the Stupor sons, Holy Cogito Batman! Had they read their Descartes they could have said, "I wear a costume and fight crime, therefore, I am." Thus they could have argued that they deserved their existences. Except with Descartes it was an evil genius not two major DC crime fighters. I guess DC editors are empiricists and not rationalists anyway.