Thursday, January 2, 2014

World's Finest # 251, July, 1978

Another striking Aparo cover. As far as the insides, Conway is still represented and we keep the same art team on the main story but for some reason. Haney's back. I'm serious. He had something on somebody!

Will Eisner's SPIRIT was undergoing  renaissance in the late seventies and it looks like this contents plash page is paying homage.

Nudity was ll the rage in movies of the seventies. One didn't expect to find it from Clark and Bruce, though!

An excellent revival that pushed all the right nostalgia buttons and told a good story on its own, too. For Hawkman, it was mostly downhill from here except for Tony Isabella's mini-series.

So odd to think of a time when comics and movie fans did NOT know who Chris Reeve was.

WW is back in the present day but with an oddly simplistic art style. Poison Ivy is the villainess and her origin s promised for next issue.

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