Monday, January 13, 2014

World's Finest # 262, May, 1980

Another pretty good issue with a few surprises this time out. Joe Staton (in 2013 the much-accliamed artist on DICK TRACY) shows up on the art with Giordano still hanging in there, too. The combination nets some particularly heroic interpretations of Superman!

Another WONDER WOMAN return, but once again via Hostess.

We showed you part one so here's part two of the "Auntie Gravity" story.

Speaking of returns, look who's back---AGAIN!!!!

TIME WARP should have been a good comic but...

I loved the digests DC was putting out around this time. Paul Levitz and Nick Cuti took great care i n putting together some solid packages and even annotated them at times.

Okay, now THIS was an attention getting subscription ad.

Hawkman and Adam Strange seem an odd combination but often found themselves teamed up if only because they had, at one time, appeared in separate features in MYSTERY IN SPACE. I guess if you think about it, though, they're similar in that each goes to another planet to fight bad guys and monsters.

I'm drawing a blank at the moment on what version of BATMAN the ad below was referring to. The Adam West voiced cartoon had been nearly a decade earlier and the Dini/Timm version was, of course, still a decade and more away. 


  1. I think this was the late 70's Filmation version of Batman, that sometimes featured Batgirl and Batmite. Adam West did the voice for Batman/Bruce Wayne on this one too, I think.

  2. If memory serves, that late '70s Batman series was the ONLY time West and Ward voiced the characters on a cartoon. I don't recall them ever playing the roles "nearly a decade earlier;" those awful live-action TV specials were the only other time I'm aware of them returning to the roles since the end of the original series in 1968. (In fact, in the early '70s, West was openly disdainful of the role.)
    Did Hawkman have a solo series in MYSTERY IN SPACE? I don't remember that either...!

  3. You guys are right, of course. In my mind that version of BATMAN was on in '72 and here we are in 1980. Checking the facts, however, I see that it premiered in 1977 and was probably still running as on 1980.

    As far as HAWKMAN In MYSTERY IN SPACE, yes, he was there briefly. Here's what Wikipedia has to say about it--The Hawkman issues (Mystery in Space #87 - #90, November 1963 - March 1964) followed two three-issue tryouts of the character in The Brave and the Bold #34-36 and #42-44 which had not sold enough copies to launch the character in his own comic but DC decided to give the character a further tryout. For this short series, editor Julius Schwartz replaced Joe Kubert with Murphy Anderson as artist, and utilised an unusual format for the day - the Adam Strange story "The Super-Brain of Adam Strange" in issue #87 led straight into the Hawkman story "The Amazing Thefts of the I.Q. Gang" in the same issue both written by Gardner Fox. In addition, for the first time since he had appeared in the title, Adam Strange was replaced as cover star and Hawkman took the honors. Although the characters returned to solo stories in the following two issues, "Planets in Peril" (Mystery In Space #90, March 1964) was an epic cross-world book-length team-up between Hawkman and Adam Strange.