Sunday, February 9, 2014

World's Finest # 289, March, 1983

We're greeted this ish with a generic Gil Kane cover but WHAT a cover it is! I'll bet this sold more copies than if the issue trumpeted the actual story!

Doug Moench writes this one. At Marvel, he was without question one of the best comics writers of the seventies but after his defection to DC due to Jim Shooter's editorial interference on MASTER OF KUNG FU, he never quite seemed to reach the same heights. One could always count on him for stories with depth and character development. 

Thus, here, we get pages and pages of the World's Finest heroes bonding before we ever really get to the story proper...and it works. Adrian is back for the art chores and old pro Sal Trapani inks. Supposedly. Sal was known for subcontracting his gigs so who knows?

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