Wednesday, February 12, 2014

World's Finest # 292, June, 1983

I don't care much for the Hannigan/Janson cover but inside we get Moench's last--and best--Superman/Batman story. In fact, in my opinion, this is one of the best comic book stories of its day. Marv Wolfman passes the editorial reins to Roger Slifer beginning with this issue, too. Roger introduces himself on the letters page. Tragically, Roger has been in bad shape since a hit and run accident in 2012. An update from his sister in December of 2013 said, "Roger has been holding his own, but I can't say there has been any major improvement. He is not strong enough to get off the trach, and breathe on his own. Some days when we visit, his eyes are open and he seems to respond to our voices, and other days, he doesn't wake up at all."

Yet another new artist debuts in the person of Jerome Moore, backed up admirably by reliable veteran, Frank Giacoia.

Alan Moore famously had Superman ask, "Do you know what radio waves look like? Well I do." and then follow them to their source. Had that been thought of here, we wouldn't have had this excellent and unique story.


  1. This plays out like if Richard Donner had a crack at making a "Superman and Batman" movie back in '83 (more or less). Definitely a top-drawer script from Moench, as well as great art from Moore (and Giacoia), who adds to the Donner-esque feel by making Supes look like Chris Reeve. Too bad they'd didn't stick around to do more...

  2. I had this comic at the age of 8 in a collection with Nemesis, Aquaman and a couple of others and read it till the covers came off!

  3. Wow! This is so cool! Sorry to find this so late, but I'm no less honored!