Saturday, June 8, 2013

World's Finest # 46, June/July, 1950

A fun Superman story this time out so let's take a look at it. Wayne Boring and Stan Kaye do the honors on what may (or may nit according to GCD) be an Edmond Hamilton script.

An excellent Howard Sherman splash!

Bill Schreiber was doing Captain Tootsie strips by this point.

More 4 page filler.


  1. The Henry Boltinoff Peg gag strip is the best one of the issue. That one is really funny! Who can think teens go to proms in that!!!!
    He's a really great gag artist, the best ever! Hope you stick more of him in future issues!!!

  2. Good Superman story, though one wonders why he couldn't have just flown over to Mr. Seven's car and stopped it instead of chucking a pipe at it? DC wanted some type of clever, ironic ending, I guess.
    Interesting how many of the advertised products are still with us (Wheaties, Rayovac, Tootsie Roll). And Ralston was still promoting Tom Mix a decade after his death. Probably because the radio show was still on.