Sunday, June 16, 2013

World's Finest # 54, October/November, 1951

The silliness continues with yet another nicely drawn Win Mortimer cover. Plastino's on Superman this ish and Toth and Infantino get the leftover Danger Trail story. We offer, also, a 2 page Joe Kubert Western story.

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  1. I actually grabbed a copy of this issue cheap at Emerald City this year. If you're grabbing a random issue of a vintage book on the requirements of a) you want a precode sample for the collection, and b) it's inexpensive, I think hitting the issue with both Kubert and Toth qualifies as a jackpot.

    I tend to agree the Istanbul story was a Danger Trail leftover, but I strongly suspect it was at least briefly planned to go into Big Town instead. The first caption on the 2nd page refers to Istanbul as the Big Town of the crusades, with "Big Town" in bold. And by such little details we track the fates of leftover stories...

    More generally, thank you for this blog. It's a nice followup to Days of Adventure.