Friday, November 1, 2013

World's Finest # 189, November, 1969

Although this outlandish tale--part one of two again--is credited to and obvious to be Andru and Esposito, it looks to me like Batman (and maybe Robin) in the splash is by someone else. Nick Cardy maybe?

Mr. Nixon, in office less than a year, makes a cameo...and NOT as the villain!

A clever panel below!

Swanderson Supes and Bats in this ad for the debut of SESAME STREET, early episodes of which featured the DC heroes, albeit infrequently. Another Swanderson image of the pair appears on the JLA Giant ad below.

I still have my Super Saturday Club book!

With little to no Golden Age reprints at that point, this particular quiz would have been virtually impossible for all but the oddest fans at that point in time. 

Some very Kubert-esque art from Ruben Moriera on yet another Roy Raymond tale, probably my favorites of the Editors' Choice stories in WF.

Interesting to note the letter from Alan Light about Golden Age reprints. This was just a coupe years away from Light creating the newspaper that brought comics fandom together, TBG. After that initial success, Light himself began offering Golden Age reorients in his FLASHBACK series, including many from DC, one of which was the first Golden Age WORLD'S FINEST issues I ever saw!

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  1. That WAS a clever panel, long before such snark became a common trope, but incredibly confusing to my young self at the time. But then, the whole thing was confusing, especially the following issue's Part Two...which, Lord help me, was my very first superhero comic book. The singing hippie recap guy ALONE completely befuddled me.

    One thing that ISN'T confusing about Part Two: Supes lets a guy die while they chat about how they pulled this scam off. Boo. (I don't think it's much of a spoiler to say out loud that Supes isn't dead, and roughly fifty percent of World's Finest stories are some variant of the same ol' "That's Just What We Wanted You To Think!" gag, so that shouldn't surprise anyone either.)