Tuesday, November 12, 2013

World's Finest # 200, February, 1971

Here we are at the big anniversary issue. It's one of my least favorite Adams covers ever, though, if only because the aliens face and coloring remind me of Jimmy Olsen's face and hair. 

As promised, there's no Batman but we do get Robin, oddly discolored on Page 1. But, like the previous 2 non-Batman issues, he manages to horn his way in anyway, here both in a flashback to the Teen Wonder's origin as well as in a fun "interview" page below in which the World's Finest team reminisces about the previous 199 issues.

An impressive double page spread from Mr. Dillin!

Interesting to note how much Kirby's DC past is played up in the piece below just as he starts his new tenure at the company as the King of Comics!

This filler reprint (with what looks like maybe George Roussos art) is the closet thing we get to the traditional back-up story for this special issue.

This issue would have come out in December of 1970 so many a young reader may have defaced his or her copy in order to paste this calendar into his school notebook. Ahem.

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