Wednesday, November 13, 2013

World's Finest # 201, March, 1971

According to Julius Schwartz's records, this issue's cover is by Adams and Giordano. I was always intrigued by GL's hairline here. And Dr. Fate always looked cool no matter what.

Basically, Superman and Green Lantern conflict over trying to save the Earth so the Guardians of the Universe--popping up for the 3rd time in the past 4 issues--come up with a game to decide which one gets to save the Earth in the future. 

With the forced "hip" dialogue from Green Arrow in his cameo below, it's hard to believe this was written by the same man who was winning accolades and awards for GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW.

Dr. Fate offers a lame excuse for being in the wrong dimension and then the story moves on.

GL forgets that pesky little issue he has with fellow things.

In one of the strangest sequences ever in a comic book, Superman is spanked by a giant imaginary version of "Daddy."

More cameos--this time Hawkman and Atom who had been played up as buddies (and title mates) before.

Spoilers: It wasn't really Dr. Fate at all, thus the stupid non-explanation for his being in tyne Earth-1 dimension doesn't even matter. 

One of the best informed of all the letter-writers of the day was "Pesky" Marty Pasko who was here just a few years from becoming one of the best Superman writers himself. 

Note also the sales figures below.

Note that the ad below was appearing nearly a year and  half after the actual event...which most of America would have paid little attention to had it not been for the movie that came out in 1970. So that's what inspired this belated ad.

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