Saturday, November 30, 2013

World's Finest # 218, August, 1973

A good, solid, intriguing cover leads to a good, solid, intriguing story with a  unique twist, albeit one of Haney's hanging plot points that was--to the best of my knowledge--never re-visited. Basically, a lot of folks are being blackmailed by a  mysterious figure and Bruce Wayne is among them. The villain actually dies but no one notices, leaving the world's finest heroes to be forever worried that he could turn back up at any second, knowing their identities.  Then-newcomer Dave Cockrum is on the inks this time out.

The back-ups are back and it's guess who? Metamorpho! These Haney/Calnan stories continue from ACTION COMICS of the period.

PREZ. It was an odd time for comics and in particular DC.


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