Friday, November 15, 2013

World's Finest # 203, June, 1971

My FB pal Steve Skeates wrote this one. Skeates had been the writer on the excellent latter-day AQUAMAN title so it's no surprise I guess that this is basically a "relevant" Aquaman story with Superman in it. This issue, of course, marks the first real return to WORLD'S FINEST of one of its longest running co-stars. Aquaman's last new solo story here was about a  decade earlier.

Here's the controversial Aurora ad featuring not only all sorts of things frowned on by the Comics Code but also the ill-thought out "girl victim."

Another Pasko letter. 


  1. I remember that Aurora ad. Aurora acted quickly to rename the character "Dr. Deadly's Daughter" to suggest she actually had some "good" reason for being strapped down in what was now DADDY's basement dungeon (*holyshoot eyeroll mcfacepalm*).

    I only recently found out Neal Adams did campy mini-comics for the "Monster Scenes" kits, in which the assorted monsters take turns trying to lure spunky G.V. into one death-trap after another only to see her skitter out of harm's way at the last second.

    "Unbearable establishment twang." Oh God, what a time it was.

  2. I remember this issue. My mom brought it home for me one day when she had been to the grocery store. This was one of the first "Super Hero" comic books that I ever had. I knew both of them from the TV show, so it was really cool to have.