Tuesday, November 26, 2013

World's Finest # 214, November, 1972

Well, that didn't take long at all. Here we are already at the last issue of the non-Batman team-ups. It's a pretty good one though, of fly crediting Skeates with two parts of the story and O'Neil with two more.We start with a cover where Cardy's werewolf is much scarier than Dillin's inside, though. 

Never understood why DC made the decision to revive Vigilante in an Earth 1 version in JLA a couple years before this but I did like the character and Gray Morrow had a field day drawing some of his adventures. Vig would return to the WF pages as the title continued to evolve.

Let's see, with Batman cameos, returns and reprints, it's almost like he's never really been gone.

And here we have the big problem with reviving vigilante. He uses guns and kills people. Here. it's a werewolf so they rationalize it but the Code frowned on killing from comic book heroes.

On to next issue and the return of Batman! Well...that's not all we get starting next ish. Sigh...


  1. "Never understood why DC made the decision to revive Vigilante..."

    "Vigilante" was a word much in use in discussions of popular culture at the time, due to such movies as STRAW DOGS and DEATH WISH (and "vigilante cop" movies such as DIRTY HARRY and WALKING TALL), and paperback "men's adventure" series such as the Executioner. DC likely wanted to maintain its trademark on the name.

  2. That makes sense...except that DC first revived him in JLA at the end of 1969. Your explanation probably does have much to do with explaining why they kept trying to give him his own series, though, and eventually came out with the wholly new modern version.