Thursday, November 7, 2013

World's Finest # 195, August, 1970

Another nicely drawn Swanderson cover depicting a classic example of what has been termed online, "superdickery." The insides, however continue Bob Haney's zany Mafia story from the previous issue, starting out with a disguised Batman, thinking he's the Mafia don, about to kill Superman. Luckily superventriliquism and the ability to realistically imitate a dog save the Man of Steel.

Eventually, Superman convinces the Mob of his loyalty and they demand he kill Jimmy and Robin.

This brings Bruce around to normal but the real Mafia guy puts in an appearance and demands that Supes execute the lads...which he seemingly does by...melting them??

Then our "hero" presents the boys' hearts--both of which are dry and one of which is yellow--to the bad guy stating "I had this box all ready for this."

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